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Android To Show Up In Cars In The Future

Google’s Android Operating System may be showing up in cars soon. At least that is what is being said. However, if and when this does happen it will expand Google and Android’s ever growing popularity.

According to Myriad, technology company and Android developer, they have been in talks with automobile industry. What have their talks involved you maybe wondering, Android of course.

Myriad has developed a version of Android that they have dubbed “Alien Dalvik” (awesome name in my opinion). According to the developers this version of Android will work on any device, and yes that includes cars from the sounds of things.

At the moment their is not many details surrounding this awesome version  of Android, but if it is taken on by the auto industry it could open a wide world of possibilities.

These include:

  • Google’s interactive maps available to drivers
  • No need for a separate GPS system
  • Everything works out of the box
  • Guides and other apps available
  • And I am sure their will be plenty more when it is revealed

The Android platform has been growing non stop since its debut 3 years ago on the T-Mobile G1 aka HTC Dream. The Android platform itself already runs on half of the mobile smartphone devices, along with the fact that the Android Market itself has grown to over 200,000 apps and that is still growing on a daily basis.

It will definitely be interesting to see the platform make its way to cars and who knows what else Android could end up becoming a part of and taking over.



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