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Android Police Officer Justin Case: Gingerbread Leaks Are Bricking Thunderbolts

Whenever there is something important or noteworthy involving Android and security comes up one of the most reliable sources is Android Police and their resident on this type of stuff, Justin Case.  We always have to remember when reporting a security story that if the source is a security software vendor there may be a smaller ulterior motive. Not in the case of Android Police and Case.

Android Police reported earlier today that leaked builds of Gingerbread for the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon Wireless, that are NOT we repeat NOT CyanogenMod 7 builds can be vitally dangerous. How dangerous? As David Ruddock of Android Police reports, “if you’re Thunderbolt is caught in an endless boot loop, it is as good as dead at the moment”.

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Don’t take this story lightly as Android Police was the first to report and distribute the leaked Gingerbread build so we’re certain that they checked and double checked on this before reporting that their own leak was bad.

Android Police recommends that you immediately revert back to Froyo or a CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread build and wait for an official Gingerbread update.  Rooting and flashing a ROM onto your device actually voids the warranty so don’t be surprised if either Verizon or HTC denies you a replacement.

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