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Android Out Does iOS When It Comes To Data According To Nielsen

Nielsen has released new data today regarding Android and the amount of data owners use.

According to the report, Android owners use quite a bit of data over other platforms. On average owners of Android devices download around 582MB a month, which is only a little bit more than half a gigabyte. While owners of devices that run on Apple’s iOS platform only consume about 492MB of data on average per month, while HP webOS users, on the other hand, are only using an average of 448MB. RIM is in last place with only 127Mb being used a month by owners, which is four and a half times less than that of Android users. Windows Phone 7 owners are using almost twice as much data as Windows Mobile owners who only rake in 174MB a month compared to the 317MB.

According to the chart the majority of data that is used on Android devices is from downloading applications. Only 20 percent of data is used to play online games using an Android device. Apple’s iOS devices, while behind Android on the average monthly data, owners actually use more data to download application than other platforms. They sit at 79 percent.

As we can see android is scooping up quite a bit of large numbers when it comes to data and market shares lately. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.



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