Android Market Movie Rentals Unavailable For Rooted Devices

While rooting your Android device gives you so many possibilities it also can cause some small irritating obstacles. One such example of this involves the ability to rent movies on a rooted Android device.

Earlier this year Google introduced their movie rental service. However, us rooted users get a message from Google whenever we try to utilize this feature, ‘Failed to fetch license for [movie title] (error 49)’. This is due to ‘requirements related to copyright protection.’

Most of the Android community is in a slight uproar over, however there are logical reasons behind this. One such reason is film studios and distributors. These only exist because we pay them money for the movies that we love to watch. These companies sole reason is to produce that is enjoyable  to us in exchange for our money of course.

Rooted devices, on the other hand, are capable of so much more than non-rooted or stock devices. There are many people out there that could easily put together an application or something  that would enable the ability to acquire movies for free. This of course is also known as illegal pirating of copyright protected content. So in the end it does make sense for film distributors to ask for some protection of their product that they spent millions to billions of dollars to create.

In the long run there is no reason us rooted users should be upset, we can not be mad at Google’s choice to help protect the work of others, we would ask the same if we were in the shoes of the companies that bring us these forms of entertainment.


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3 Replies to “Android Market Movie Rentals Unavailable For Rooted Devices”

  1. Its going to drive more people to pirate than it would prevent people from pirating. Pirates always win vs DRM. You fight piracy with great products, not stupid requirements. I guess it will take another 10 years of massive piracy for them to learn.

  2. haha… thanks for the warm and fuzzy with the google reach around at the end… 

  3. haha… thanks for the warm and fuzzy with the google reach around at the end… 

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