Android keeping Microsoft around more then their own phones

A sad tale but a true one,  long ago it seems HTC and Microsoft agreed that for every sale of an HTC Android phone, Microsoft would get $5.  Fast forward that to today, and HTC’s recent announcement that they’ve sold over 30 million Android phones means when adding  those two figures up Microsoft is set to  get roughly $150 million in cold hard cash. Now lets take sales of Windows Phones which have a total of 2 million licenses sold to date at a total of $15 for each one for a total of $30 million in the bank.

These figures are according to Citi analyst Walter Pritchard, who posted his report this morning on Microsoft. He also states that Microsoft is trying to use the same lawsuit to go after other manufacturers and instead of the minimal fee they are charging, HTC wants to raise it to between $7.50 to $12.50 per device. Instead of turning out new and innovative products Microsoft is beginnng to  realize that they can’t compete in the smartphone game any more. They have turned into  patent trolls,  willing to sue to stay afloat.

As the margins are crushed, it makes using a Microsoft-based operating system for tablets and phones much more attractive.

Says Walter Pritchard, now does this mean we’ll see more Windows phones coming out by the likes of Motorola, LG and others? Motorola has already hinted at wanting to go back to another operating system in the past and could a patent troll lawsuit from Microsoft push them over to do so?

In the future I wish all these lawyers and companies who think this is a valid way to do business just getDrunker and realize it’ll only hurt consumers.

Source: Business Insider

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