Android Developer’s Friday Job Fair

Are you an Android Developer with mad skillz looking for a fulltime development gig well when we have a few to share we are going to compile them on Fridays so that you can get your resume and information to the people hiring and hopefully get out from developing in the bedroom and move on over to the board room. Because of TechCrunch Disrupt we have some VERY VERY good listings so please read on.

The listings are after the break

Stealth: New York Based Developer looking for an Android developer who is versed in credit card transactions, payments and handling.

Must be a forward thinker and have good roots in Android.  The developers are two middle aged experienced executives in the payment arena and are New York based.  Because they have not formerly announced this project the company is in stealth mode.  This development position will be fulltime. Preferably based in New York or telecommuting with New York travel may be acceptable if the person is right.  The company is looking for someone to join their team on a permanent basis and the developer hired will receive a salary and equity.  We spent a fair amount of time with the two owners of the company and this will be a professional but fun setting and the upside potential is great.

If you’re interested in this position email your resume and if possible links to samples of your work, along with complete contact information to [email protected]

Bizzy Inc.
Our good friend Gadi Shamia at Bizzy Inc is looking for an Android developer to help take Bizzy to the next level. Bizzy is a location based “check out” service that allows users to check out and rate places that they’ve been to. For more info click here.

The payment options are open to both salary, contractual or equity or a combination of salary/equity based on what the developer and the company come up with. They are looking for someone to join the team and stay with them for the longhaul.

Bizzy Inc is a funded start up. Their CEO has been in the tech space for over 20 years, starting out in Israel and moving to Silicon Valley where he launched Bizzy.  Shamia is willing to allow the developer to telecommute provided they can spend a few weeks at Bizzy’s Mountain View Headquarters to learn about the app.  For consideration email your resume and samples to [email protected] and put “Bizzy” as the subject line.

Sonar was one of Mike Arrington’s favorite start ups at TechCrunch Disrupt. Brett, the CEO and Founder is a really cool guy from the beach in Maryland. What is Sonar?

Imagine going into a crowded room like Google IO or TechCrunch Disrupt and you had an app that told you who else was in the room, but not only that it also told you who you were more likely to have a connection with. Using publicly available date Sonar aggregates people in your vicinity and recommends them based on things in common. may recommend people to you by common friends, common interests, perhaps you worked together or went to school together. It’s a great ice-breaking tool.

Brett is looking for someone a real hotshot of an Android developer to come join their New York based team. This is a salary based full time position for the right rockstar.  This was one of the hottest start ups there.

Please send your resume and samples, with letter of interest to: [email protected]

Andy Leff the CEO and Founder of Meporter and the team over there are looking for a sharp Android developer that can help them hurry along the process of getting onto Android devices.  Meporter is a new app just released at TechCrunch Disrupt, that allows everyone to report the news.

In a nutshell, users download the meporter app to their iPhone (and soon Android phone once they find an Android developer) and then you report the news. Say you’re driving somewhere and see a big accident or a fire, meporter lets you be the eyewitness reporter, take photos, upload photos and report the story in as many words or characters as you’d like. From there you assign your story to one of the existing categories and upload it as news.  If more than one meporter user are on the scene others can add to the story.

It’s a great way to crowdsource live and local news as it happens. For more information on meporter please visit their website here.  If you’re interested in developing for meporter please email [email protected] and put Meporter in the subject line

Bo Fishback, the extremely tall founder of Zaarly once to spread his unique Zaarly service to the Android OS and fast.  Zaarly made a lot of noise at South by Southwest earlier this year with their opposite of Craigslist service.

Here’s how it works, if you need something you sign up for Zaarly and let people know what you need, like hey can you pick me up some rice.  From there you use the Zaarly app to find someone in the Zaarly network who is at the grocery store and offer them xx to bring you a bag of rice.  This can work for anything.  Fishback has seen everything from simple grocery store runs to hey can you build my kids a treehouse. People are connecting with Zaarly because they deliver what you want, when you want it.

Fishback is looking for a multi-talented developer to join the Zaarly team and is open to do what it takes to get what he wants when he wants it which is a superstar Android developer.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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