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Amazon Appstore Receives Minor Update

Amazon has started pushing out an update for their Appstore tonight, bringing it to version 1.14. Along with a few compatibility fixes and stability improvements, Amazon has also included a new system to help avoid those accidental purchases.  

Now when you go to purchase an application, users will have to verify their choice instead of it going straight to downloading the application. This is a great feature to include, especially for those of us that have a tendency to go app crazy ( yes me included in that statement) and those of us that have smart kids that like to get a hold of our devices and download whatever there little hearts desire ( I have ran into this issue a time or two also).

If you do not get the push notification of the update you can easily manually update the application by going into the menu and then settings. In settings you will be given the option to check for updates manually.

So go ahead and update your Amazon Appstore application and enjoy!!!


Android Central

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