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All New NOOK Coming June 10th, Preorder Available Now

Today, Barnes and Noble has announced their All-New NOOK, The Simple Touch Reader. This newest device features a full touch screen, extra long battery life, and more all on an easy to use light weight 6 inch eReader. The device is available for preorder starting today for $139 and will begin shipping on the 10th of June. Based on the success of their NOOK product line Barnes and Noble easily claims over 25 percent of the digital book market only 18 months after the release their first NOOK  and will more than likely continue to grow as time goes on.

Barnes and Noble has been set on bring simplicity to their customers by giving the one of a kind ways to make reading and purchasing new materials easier. The All New NOOK is just that a simple and easy way to stay on top of what matters most to consumers. With the ability to look up words, highlight passages, adjust the font size and style and easily search by typing on the easy to use on screen keyboard customers are sure to find what they need easily and quickly with little hassle at all.

With the addition of the paper like 6 inch E Ink Display users will be able to experience crisp clear text that is easy to read no matter where they may be. The no glare display also offers over 50 percent more contrast compared to the original NOOK.

The All New NOOK weighs in at a 7.48 onces and is 35 percent lighter and 15 percent thinner than the NOOK Wi-Fi first edition and is also lighter than the average paperback book. This small but durable NOOK has a compact design and can easily fit in a jacket, pocket, purse, or even a backpack easily and holds up to a thousand digital books and personal content by using the expandable memory slot. The addition of the soft back makes it easy and comfortable to use and read even while using just one hand. In addition to all those great features the All New NOOK can stay charged for up to 2 months with Wi-Fi off, which is twice as long as other eReaders that are available.

Additionally, the All New NOOK offers 80 percent less flashing than other eReaders. Pages also turn lightning quick and the side buttons are placed to where users will not accidentally push them while using the device. With the addition of the all new Fast Page feature users are able to just press and hold a side button to be able to quickly scan through content and easily skip to the desired section.

“We set out to design the easiest-to-use, most optimized, dedicated reading device ever created and accomplished it with the All-New NOOK,” said William Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of Barnes & Noble. “Touch makes it simple to use, and the beautifully compact design makes it the most portable eReader in its class. Add to that an unmatched battery life, the most advanced paper-like touch display on the market and wireless access to the world’s largest digital bookstore, and we believe that for readers of all ages, the All-New NOOK is the best eReader on the market, and a great value at $139.”

With the all new NOOK users can easily enjoy an array of content, shop for new releases, current bestsellers, classics, and much more easily and quickly. The NOOK Bookstore offers more than two million books, magazines, and newspapers along with helpful recommendations from Barnes and Noble experts based on the customer’s personalized content, favorite authors and genres. In addition, the NOOK Newstand provides more than 80 popular national and local market newspapers and magazines including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, Reader’s Digest and so much more.

Most of the books available are $9.99 or less including the New York Times Bestsellers, along with over a million free classics. Users can enjoy more than 100,000 titles from independent publishers and self published authors using Barnes and Nobel’s PubIt! digital publishing platform. For those readers that are young at heart there are more than 12,000 NOOK Kids chapter books. Users can also sample book titles for free and easily download content over a Wi-Fi connection.

Other Features included in the All New Nook are:

  • NOOK Friends, is an exciting social experience that allows customers to see book recommendations from friends.  See what  friends have posted about their current reads, swap recommendations, share reading status, favorite quotes, and much more. Through Twitter and Facebook integrations, right from their current book, customers can tweet the title they’re reading, post on their Facebook wall and see what their NOOK Friends “like” on Facebook.
  • Barnes & Noble’s exclusive LendMe® technology, you can also lend eligible books to your friends at no cost for 14 days, and see and request to borrow friends’ LendMe books.
  • Customers can customize their All-New NOOK and reading experience to their liking by choosing from 7 font sizes and 6 font styles. NOOK owners can personalize their device with one of Barnes & Noble’s screen savers or transfer personal photos to make NOOK their own, along with the ability to choose from a complete line of exclusive, new NOOK accessories.
  • Easily transfer personal EPUB and PDF files to your All-New NOOK device to read documents on the go using the 2GB internal memory or a microSD card. Since the All-New NOOK is built on the Android Operating System 2.1 and uses Adobe technology, device owners can also borrow digital books from their local library.
  • Coming in the next few weeks, Barnes & Noble will offer a new custom website,, where customers can get recommendations from Barnes and Noble expert booksellers and NOOK Friends, access their NOOK Library, and manage their device.

The All-New NOOK can be pre-ordered for $139 starting today and is expected to begin shipping around the 10th of June. You can experience the All-New NOOK at, at NOOK Boutiques and also at displays in one of Barnes & Noble’s more than 700 bookstores. The All-New NOOK will also be available beginning next month at Best Buy, Walmart, Staples and Books-A-Million, along with NOOK Color.

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