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Zagg Sparq 2 A Must Have For Any Gadget Loving Traveler

The Zagg Sparq 2 should be in our “Tools We Use” feature because it’s something we will always bring with us from now on. The Zagg Sparq 2 is another great charging innovation that at face level is marketed to iPhone and iPad users but very Android friendly.

We first saw the Sparq 2 at a press event at CTIA in Orlando last month.  It’s simplicity is what makes it a must have for anyone’s gadget bag.

So what is it? The Zagg Sparq 2.0 is a rechargeable battery charger made for those on the go. Inside the black box is a 6000mah battery that is capable of charging most Android phones 4 times without having to recharge itself.  It’s innovative design features the plug for the AC outlet built right into it (see photos) when you’re not recharging the Zagg Sparq 2.0 the plug folds into the box and is out of the way.

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There is a fairly accurate charging LED indicator. It has four bars in the LED that tells you how much juice you have left in the Sparq 2. Another great feature is that it comes with 2 USB outlets, one is optimized for devices that can take an optimized charge like smartphones and some tablets, the other is for devices that don’t take an optimized charge. Both outlets can be used simultaneously and when you’re charging smartphones it will fully charge them twice.

The Zagg Sparq 2 measures in at 3.5 x 3.5 x1 inch so it’s small enough to fit in a pocket, gadget bag, backpack, suitcase or just about anywhere you need to store it so you have power on the go. It also allows pass through charging so you can cut back on USB converters that often get lost or find their way to the bottom of a backpack.

The best thing about the Sparq 2 is it’s real performance. At any given time I’m carrying 4 phones and maximizing battery throughput for the day. The Sparq 2 is there when I need it I just toss it in my gadget bag or in my pocket and use any old USB to micro usb cord and voila I’m charging.  Knowing that the Sparq2 has a 6000mah battery I dont worry if the chargers going to run out of juice before my phones are charged.

For those of you with an ipad it will charge it 60% of the way giving you, what Zagg says, is up to 6 more hours of video playback. Unfortunately because of Samsung’s  proprietary charging cables the Sparq 2 won’t charge a Galaxy tab but hopefully soon there will be a universal cable that will allow that.

Although it may seem pricey, with the way we work it’s worth every bit of the $99.99 you pay for it. We’ve tested so many portable battery chargers and to date this is the best one we’ve seen, used and tried and we will never leave the office without it.

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  1. I hope it’s going to switch automatically because they threw the adapter in. But watch the news next week on the 12th and if a London hotel has mysteriously had an electrical fire it may be because of that.. hmmm

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