[XDA] – XDA User Imoseyon Introduces Kernel for Thunderbolt, 1.92ghz Overclock!

Many of you out there salivated and waited patiently for the release of your larger than Zeus himself device, the HTC Thunderbolt. Most of you already know that the device was rooted before it was even released, and rom/kernel development began shortly thereafter – developers seized the opportunity. Now, just a few weeks later, Kernel Chef Imoseyon from the XDA-Developers forums brings you a blazing fast overclocked kernel for your HTC Thunderbolt named “lean kernel”.

The normal, super undervolted version is running at 1.41ghz, a generous step up from the stock experience; but the fuss here is all about the 1.92ghz overclock. You won’t be shocked to find that running your phone at that speed turns your processor into a lithium ion succubus, draining battery at much higher accelerated rates, but to a frequent ROM flasher, that’s no big deal. The phone screams and seems to complete tasks at a significantly faster speed when compared to the stock experience. He’s also included his kernel tweaks and a new on demand governor.

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