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Week 3 with Xoom, says Hello Tablet Calling

Week three with my Motorola Xoom, and oh how my life has changed. Not only are we able to make phone calls well tablet calls, but also got a 94% on my Criminology final after putting all my notes on it for the open note test :D. Yaay me.

I want to actually say thanks again from Breffo for their SpiderTablet as I’m ALWAYS using it to hold the Xoom, on a table or my bed. The phone one is also always being used thanks again for that!

With help from the studious users over at XDA, thanks to NetTalk we are now able to place calls via 3G or Wi-Fi to any number we want. The only down side is we are unable to receive calls at this time. But someone like me who really never makes calls except every once in a while,  this works. Mind you I don’t have any voice minutes on my plan so it uses VOIP for everything even while on 3G(Soon to hopefully be LTE).

Springpad STILL didn’t update their app yet, so I continue to use Evernote. Twitter wise for application I’m still just using Plume even though the top half is cut off, of the top tweet/ad. I’ve installed Amazon’s Android store like most of you, not to use but for their free app a day, to test how they work on the Xoom.

Battery life I’ll be getting between 8-10 hours of real use on here. Which isn’t bad however an extended battery would be nice. I’m afraid to see what my battery life will be like when its LTE and using more. When I over clock it to 1500 MHz I only get around 6 hours of use. However I do notice how much quicker it is over running it at 1000 MHz.

I’ve actually just used the stock browser as it works great  wirelessly (Hear that Apple we don’t use/need wires any more). I can have access to my bookmarks without having to do anything on the phone/browser. I’ve even installed the CNN app and don’t even use it just go online to see the news.

I am now having an issue with my Gallery where it wont sync my Picasa pictures. Even if I mark it to not sync with them, I still get the folder for them however unable to view any of the pictures. Movie/Video wise I love watching Battle of Los Angeles, however make sure to bring headphones as whom ever thought just having them on back rather than the sides or front was a smart idea wasn’t too bright. I am hearing from XDA that to try and use MoboPlayer to play AVI movies which the stock one doesn’t, which I’ll be testing/using this week and letting you guys know how it works out on next weeks post.

As far as games go,  like I stated in week 2’s post, I’m now playing games a lot on the Xoom. This still continues and am HIGHLY awaiting History’s Channel App that is being teased in the TegraZone for an April release but nothing yet. HURRY IT UP!!! This is the one that was teased at the Honeycomb launch that we all drooled over.

One thing I’ve noticed I’m using all the time is the quick multi-tasking button on the bottom to switch between two and three applications. It just makes things so much easier when going from browser to Gtalk to Plume back to Gtalk to browser again, without losing anything. I’m actually kind of sad still to this day I can’t share something from the browser right to Gtalk without having to copy/paste it my self.

Top Apps:



OfficeSuite Pro



AirAttack HD

Can Knockdown 2

Crazy Snowboarder <<<You can now use your phone while on same Wi-Fi to control your guy 🙂

On a closing note hopefully this week I’ll be sent a preview of an Android application from M3:Grafix that deals with time management for projects. Below is a video along with a link to their site.

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