Week 2 with my Xoom Xoom

So week two is when I started to really see what this thing can do. Yes I finally rooted it even though I said in last weeks post I was trying not to, but fact we can now get Google Voice to work(SMS only right now) was a major deal and pushed me over to get it. Couple applications I used in the first week have now changed do to the fact that they never updated there app yet and found one that didn’t force close. I’ve started to see some graphical issues with some games like Deadly Chambers HD

and Backbreaker THD when playing. I have noticed my self playing more games on here then I did/do with my MyTouch4g or my previous Android phones interestingly.  I think the one that was sent to me for this review is having graphic issues as others have been able to play the game(s) and have no issues. So I’m not sure whats going on with it if its something that all Xoom’s have or this one, either way… IRRITATING!!!

While during class for notes I’ve left Springpad sadly for my notes during class and have embraced Evernote due to the fact it doesn’t force close when ever I go through the menu’s. However the minute Springpad gets fix I’ll go right back to it. Overall I just feel like its a better product.

For books I’ve noticed that instead of just going to either Google Books or Amazon Kindle app I’m having to use both and bouncing back and forth since they both have what I’m looking for and not one just.

Games wise I’ve been playing Can Knockdown 2 ALOT! That and Crusaders, bought it thinking it was the one we saw at the Honeycomb conference. However it wasn’t but game is still enjoyable even though in my opinion its a bit limited.

Google Body is also another application I started to mess around with. Is pretty neat to be able to find what every part of the body is. When it comes to the bones or the muscles and such. Bones wise I think its lacking do to fact that when you click on the spine no matter where it doesn’t tell you if its say the L5-S1. Thats something that I’m hoping for in the near future as a nice add-on that I could see alot of students interested in medical might find handy.

Video watching on this, they have it down with the perfect size. However the fact Android still wont let you watch AVI movies natively I don’t understand. Only reason this is an issue for me is I have my favorite movie in Black Hawk Down in an AVI format and not unable to watch it. Pictures wise it is kind of weird holding this big thing to take pictures but works and have beautiful pictures taken.

One of the most important additions to Honeycomb in my opinion is the integration of video chat into GTalk. Why this took so long I don’t know, that and why its not on phones already either that have a front facing cam makes no sense. But I’ve noticed my self using it for video almost every day. I even tested the video chat via Verizon’s 3g in Sherman Oaks, Ca, while driving and not once did the video break up or become unbearable to watch or be seen with. That has to do with the great Verizon service as well as how the front facing video is on here I believe. Now when is Google going to release this for the phones? Yes Google I’m talking to you on this one!!!

I know I’ll get comments or tweets about I thought you where not going to root this, however the fact we are now able to get Google Voice to work on here via SMS for now I couldn’t pass up. I am now able to pretty much not ever have to worry about bringing a phone with me now. That will fully happen once they get the phone calls working. They have it now where you can make calls just no one can hear you. Xoom + Wired/Wireless headset= No need for phone just Xoom and data plan.

The also special something something I got this week was Breffo sent me there Spiderpodium Tablet holder… MUST BUY FOR XOOM/TABLETS OWNERS!!! I’ll have a full write up on it this weekend but wanted to make sure I got it into this one also.

So there you have it for week 2 with my Xoom now Xoom Xoom now that its rooted. Next week will go more into reviews for apps for each one on the tablet as well as hopefully Google Voice calls working 🙂


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