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VIDEO: Thedroidguy Unboxes The Kyocera Echo On Sprint

When we first saw this phone in New York at the unveiling event we weren’t all that impressed. A lot of the journalists there were expecting a 3D super phone or something like that, however when we took a step back the concept behind the Kyocera Echo is actual pretty neat.

The Kyocera Echo features two 3.5″ screens that can be folded and locked in together to form one 4.7″ screen that’s great when you need more room on the phone. Granted the original Dell Streak had a 5″ screen but it was a monster in someone’s pocket. The Kyocera Echo on the other hand folds into a 3.5″ form factor that measures on 17.2 mm thick and weighs in at just 6.8oz.

There was a lot of debate whether this phone would be outdated at launch, well that’s obviously not the case. Although it’s only running Android 2.2 it’s doing so with a 1ghz snap dragon processor over 1gb of RAM and 512m Rom it also has an 8gb microSD card on board.

More including video after the break

Although only 3g the Kyocera Echo supports up to 5 simultaneous connections via it’s mobile hotspot feature.

The Kyocera Echo features a custom Youtube app called VueQue which allows the user to watch a video on one screen while finding, loading and caching another video in the opposite screen. Pretty nifty!  It also features a tablet plugin app that allows apps downloaded from the Android market to take advantage of the 4.7″ of real estate available on the Kyocera Echo.

The Echo has a 5mp rear facing camera with digital zoom and a camcorder that records in 720p HD.

Compared to Kyocera’s first stab at Android, this thing is fast and functional.  The only real downside is that it’s not 4G, and there is a big black line across the screen from where the two screens connect together.

We’ll let you know how it goes over the next few weeks with the Kyocera Echo

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