VIDEO: Hockey Nations 2011 For Sony Xperia Play

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are well underway and hockey fans everywhere are lighting up their consoles, handhelds and now phones thanks to Distinctive Games Hockey Nations 2011 exclusively for the Sony Xperia Play.  Take a look at our quick little demo. We absolutely love this game.

It’s not an officially licensed NHL game so you get the cities, the uniform colors but not the logos and mascots. That doesn’t take away from the awesome game play. The D-Pad works effortlessly and passing, shooting, checking and more are boat loads of fun on the Sony Xperia Play, you’ll forget you’re playing on a phone.

Check out our video and more after the break

The Sony Xperia Play will be out within the next month or so in the United States on Verizon Wireless for a rumored $199 on a two year contract. The rumor is that it’s been delayed due to supply chain problems Sony Ericsson is having after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

If you’re one of our UK or European readers with a Sony Xperia Play you want to invest the few euros to get this awesome game, and Distinctive Games Rugby game as well.

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