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Verizon’s Been Busy With Droid!

This last week a lot of stories have been surfacing about the upcoming Droid branded Android phones on Verizon Wireless. Couple that with the probably solid rumor we heard about the iPhone 5 and you’ll agree that now is a great time for Droid.

First off, the great crew over at Droid Life (Kellex was the first one to sign up for the Android Homecoming) broke a few stories about the Droid line up.  The Droid Life crew was able to find the Droid Bionic, Droid Charge, Droid Incredible 2 and Droid X 2 just lurking around the Verizon device manager. At this stage in the game the phones are ready and distribution and marketing is the last thing on the table.

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In their findings Droid Life confirmed that there is no talk about the Droid X 2 being a “4G/LTE” phone.  They also found that the Incredible 2 is global. And they confirmed that the Vcast store is headed to all their new phones except the Droid X2. Of course they also found the HTC Merge, Xperia Play and LG Revolution in the device manager.

Next, accessory packaging for the Incredible 2 has started to surface. There is a shell/holster/kickstand combo case available for the Droid Incredible 2.  Although accessory photos are starting to have less and less credence when it comes to launch times, it was rumored at the end of 2010 that we’d see the Droid Incredible 2 in the spring, and well it’s the spring…

It’s also now fully confirmed that the “Droid” branding is going to Verizon’s high end Android devices period. When the Droid and Droid Eris debuted it was said that the Droid name would be for Verizon’s high end Androids.  Then we went for a while where the only phones coming out with “Droid” branding were by Motorola ala the Droid 2, Droid 2 Global and Droid Pro.  Now, Samsung joins the Droid branding and HTC comes back into it. There is no word yet on whether the LG Revolution will be a “Droid” or just an “Android”.

Source: Droid Life and Droid Life

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