Verizon Wireless Doing Away With 1 Year Contracts

When Verizon Wireless started giving three options on phones it didn’t really raise any eyebrows but in theory it was a really great idea.¬† Currently if you’re in a Verizon store looking for a new device you will typically see an off contract cash price, two year subsidized price and a one year subsidized price. Well if this document is correct Verizon will be doing away with 1 year contract pricing in a matter of days.

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Our friends over at got a hold of this little tidbit of really good information. Those customers in a 1 year contract prior to April 17th or wish to get the one year discount before April 17th will have that option however afterward you will need to take a 2 year agreement or the off contract price of the equipment.

Some websites are suggesting that Verizon is caving into pressure from Apple as they gear up for the release of the iPhone 5 which will most likely be in the summer after WWDC.

Source: Gadget U

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  1. Just once I wish these mobile providers would do something good for their customers (like not take options away). I truly hope the ATT/T-Mo deal gets squashed because we’re going to see these companies take greater advantage of their customers.

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