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Verizon Wireless Charging Pad And Droid Charge Accessories Showing Up At Stores

The Verizon Wireless, Samsung, Droid Charge will be out this Thursday and now we are starting to see accessories show up at Verizon Wireless corporate stores. At launch it looks like a Droid Charge holster combo with kickstand, multi-media desktop dock and Droid Charge navigation mount will be available.

There is no information available yet on pricing on any of the Droid Charge accessories.

The Droid Charge Multi Media Desktop Dock promises a way to turn your Droid Charge into a convenient media player, and speakerphone. It also allows you to charge your phone and spare battery all at the same time.

The Droid Charge Navigation Vehicle Mount provides a safe way to mount your Droid Charge to the windshield of your vehicle for safe and easy mounting while using the on-board GPS options like Google Maps and VZW Navigator.\

The other accessory showing up now that everyone wants to know more about is the Wireless Charging pad.  With your charging pad  you can get the optional charging battery door and then you can charge your phone by putting it on the pad.  The HTC Thunderbolt currently has the battery door you need to take advantage of this sweet accessory.
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