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Verizon To FCC: We Credit Disputed Third Party Data Charges Immediately

Have you ever had a data charge on your Verizon Wireless bill from a third party and thought “what the heck is this”?  Well Verizon Wireless’ Director of Federal Regulatory Affairs, Ann D. Berkowitz has told the FCC in writing that they credit those disputes for customers immediately.

Berkowitz was writing to the FCC in regards to a hot button topic, “bill shock”. In addition to these instant credits Berkowitz explained to the FCC that they also include a toll free number to the third party that directs customers to call the third party if they have questions about the charges.

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All four major carriers strive for first call resolution. In the spirit of rectifying a customer situation in that first call Verizon credits those mysterious third party charges right away. Verizon also offers “cramming block” or “bill block” for those customers that call in regards to third party data charges to block those kinds of charges from future bills.

“In addition, Verizon is continuing to explore various approaches, including disallowing charges from third-party providers that employ certain marketing practices, to help ensure that customer bills do not contain unauthorized charges,”

AT&T Mobility, who also responded to the FCC last week, has a similar policy.  AT&T Director, Toni Acton to the commission “AT&T Mobility’s general practice is to refund customers for third party billing purchases upon request, regardless of the reason behind the request,”

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