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“Top Secret” Android Device In The Works

PCTEL, announced Monday that they have established a supply agreement and will begin work on a secure Android phone directed towards government officials with “top secret” clearances.

PCTEL and Eclipse Technologies partnered together to develop a secure Android phone that will be branded, PCTEL Secure. This secure Android phone will be supplied by an anonymous ODM and will contain PCTEL’s ProsettaCore solution to impede various threats to cell phone security.

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Vice President for technology and operations of PCTEL, Tony Kobrinetz, has said that the security will be maintained by a combination of both hardware and software, along with meeting full criteria of the government agencies. Kobrinetz was also quoted saying, ” The purpose of this joint venture is government security.” Kobrinetz also stated that PCTEL plans more than just one secure phone, but that the first one will run the Android operating system.

Kobrinetz also stated that PCTEL was developing a “test script” designed to go into “any smartphone” and turn it into a remote listening device. PCTEL plans on using this “test script” as a demonstration to show the threat unsecured phones can be faced with, along with showing that with the right defenses these threats can be detected quickly and a solution found.



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