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There’s An Otterbox For That… Otterbox Not Just For iPhones Anymore

Otterbox, the ultra indestructible cell phone case that used to just be for iPhone is definitely not just for iPhone anymore.  Over the last year every time we were fortunate enough to see Otterbox at a trade show or industry event they had more and more Android phone cases across all of their lines.

Otterbox started with the original Motorola Droid and is doing a great job of keeping up with the production of Otterbox cases for Android devices, as close as humanly possible.  An Otterbox spokesperson confirmed to Thedroidguy last week that it’s not as easy a s it seems. Naturally iPhone is easy it’s one form factor and locked into that form factor for an entire cycle (1 year).

There’s an Otterbox for that after the break

Otterbox Defender Series Case for the HTC Thunderbolt

With Android, Otterbox needs to make an educated guess on what Android devices will be popular enough to warrant the R&D for an Otterbox case. You see Otterbox isn’t just like the umpteen hundred companies making gel cases for each and every phone that comes out. There are a  lot of steps that go into making an Otterbox case, especially their highly regarded Defender series.

As stated above the first thing they need to do is take the latest released Android devices (or ones about to be released) and gauge where the popularity may fall.

Next they have to study the form factor of the phone, where the buttons are, where the usb cable goes, an hdmi cable, battery cover etc. Again with iPhone it’s simple, they’re all the same. With Android, Otterbox may need 5 completely different designs for just one OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

From there they need to decide which series of cases to do, or should they do all of them. That’s another big decision because research and development isn’t cheap especially if the device isn’t going to be around long.  Otterbox offers four different series’ of cases, starting with the Defender which is the all out battle armor for your device.

Otterbox also offers the Reflex series which is a lot more “defensive” than other cases on the market, but not as rugged as the Defender.

Next is their Commuter line which are thinner than the Reflex or Defender series cases but sleek and stylish. The Commuter line is targeted towards people with busy life styles in busy places.  Think executives, working moms, college students etc who are too busy to worry about nicks and scratches.

Finally Otterbox rounds out their portfolio with the Impact series. The Impact series is definitely eons above the $10 silicone gel case that you can get at the mall kiosk, and designed for every day drops.  They are designed to withstand bumps and dings and are still stylish and hip.

Otterbox Defender Series case for Samsung Galaxy Tab complete with stand

We are currently using the Droid Pro, Galaxy Tab and Evo Defender Series Otterbox cases along with the My Touch 4G Commuter series case.  Here is a current list of Android devices that Otterbox supports in at least one of their series.

MyTouch 4G
Nexus One
Droid Incredible
Incredible S
Evo Shift 4G
Inspire 4G
G2/Desire Z

Optimus 1

Droid X
Droid 2
Quench (An Android device released in South America)

Galaxy Tab
Galaxy S (Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant)
Galaxy S 4G
Samsung Epic 4G
Nexus S


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