Thedroidguy & The Motorola Xoom Wifi

Ok so if  you’ve been with us long you would know one thing about me and that is I am a Samsung Galaxy Tab kind of guy. I took my Galaxy Tab with me everywhere. I love the size, 7″ is the PERFECT tablet size. I was so happy about the Samsung Galaxy Tab I even wrote a song about it here.

Now don’t get me wrong the Samsung Galaxy Tab is filled with awesomesauce. As a journalist the size and weight are perfect for standing around in press conferences for hours and working on the go. The drawbacks to the Samsung Galaxy Tab are of course it’s rocking Android 2.2 Froyo (and even all say that Samsung leaves a bit to be desired in terms of upgrades) and well, it’s rocking Froyo.  Now of course we were there in the flesh when Samsung Mobile President JK Shin told thedroidguy directly that it would not upgrade to honeycomb.  But this isn’t about the Galaxy Tab. I still have my Galaxy Tab and still use it…

Now for the Motorola Xoom.

For things I wish not to discuss I’ve been on a little time out from Verizon. I was eventually able to review a Motorola Xoom 3g but I spent a lot of time with the prototypes at CES and then again at MWC and CTIA.  After all that time I decided I needed to have one.

I stood in line on launch day at Best Buy in California while preparing for the Android Homecoming, however I was quick to find out that the people in line were unfortunately not there for the Xoom wifi but rather the Nintendo 3DS that released the same day.  No worries though that meant I would definitely get one of the 7 reportedly at that Best Buy.

The Xoom is heavy. But its a rock solid piece of equipment, unfortunately it feels to me like im carrying around a 10″ flat panel TV.  In that heavy frame though is a brilliant display and an even better operating system.

I have been very vocal with the point that I have a problem with all of Motorola’s dark and sci-fi marketing I feel like they are cutting off the other 8,34334,33434,343 non sci fi fans and women with this marketing strategy.  So I immediately changed the background from the dark colored honeycomb background to some much nicer and brighter Androids. Seriously I want Motorola to take their marketing more mainstream, more people buy the Xoom or any of their Droid phones the more activations and the bigger the family.

In terms of functionality I agree with our West Coast Editor, Brent Fishman, on most of his thoughts about the Xoom. He is doing a weekly review using it in everyday life.

I like the size of it for actual work. I can pack the Xoom and the blue tooth keyboard into my go bag and prop up and have an almost laptop like work space with a little less weight. The size of the screen works for me and e-books as well. Now I’m 35 not 75 but I prefer a little bit more space to read and a little bit more space between words.  I love the way e-books look on the Xoom and I love the Google Book store.

Other media is great with headphones but Motorola put the speakers on the back. To me that’s the same as a laptop manufacturer putting the speakers on the bottom next to the battery. It just doesn’t work.


I personally love Honeycomb. For me there are three big things that make a difference. One is the buttonless device. I love how all of Honeycombs functions happen on screen so if I have the Xoom in portrait or landscape mode the buttons are right there with me, and as Brent and I often do, if it’s upside down it’s really right side up.

The next big thing for me about Honeycomb is the button that lets you quickly move between open apps.  That’s gotta be one of the best features of Honeycomb you can quickly move from task to task with one button.

Then the final thing that I really dig in Honeycomb is quick access to settings in the bottom right hand corner. Since I have the wifi version and I use it all the time I use the settings a lot based on what wifi I’m on. But more importantly everything is intuitive and everything is right there.

So check out this quick look at the Xoom Wifi it’s $599 at Best Buy and if you’re anything like me I highly suggest the service plan.

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