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TheDroidBoy Goes Hands On With Waze: A Social GPS Service

There are a lot of awesome apps and developers here at App Nation, but one that stood out to us here at TheDroidGuy was Waze. Waze is a cool app that makes traveling social. No, it isn’t another check-in service, it’s actually a lot more passive in its nature, and really is designed to make your life easier, while adding a social spin to things.

Waze offers a free turn-by-turn GPS service, and makes your traveling life social. There are 3 and 1/2 million Waze drivers out there right now, and what Waze allows you to do is all communicate about road closings, traffic, etc. Users can report all of these things, and Waze takes it into account when offering navigation routes. There are routes that can take you through a scenic area, or routes that will find the quickest route to save time and gas. Waze also OPENLY tracks your locations so it can learn your favorites routes. That way if there is a place (coffee shop, restaurant, etc.) that you enjoy driving by, Waze will offer you a route that takes you by these places

This is a very awesome idea, and clearly it is successful according to its incredibly large amount of users. Waze allows you to take advantage of all of the avid social network users out there by enhancing your driving experience. Of course, to keep things safe Waze tracks where you are and the moves you make passive, so you don’t have to try to play with your phone the entire time you are driving, because that would be bad (and illegal in some states). Waze is a great app that is serving the community with quick, real-time ways to travel. Check out the video below for a quick hands on that I got with Michal, a Waze representative.

Thanks, Michal!

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