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The Mobile Platform, Millennial Media, Teams With Thedroidguy & Others For Android Homecoming 2011

The Mobile Platform, Millennial Media, you know the publishers of the highly regarded monthly report Mobile Mix, has joined forces with The Droid Guy, Tmonews, Skatter Tech, Droid Forums,, Radio Android, Gadget University, Brief Mobile and more to make the Android Homecoming the best Android event ever. In fact they asked us if they could double the pot for the $5,000 developer challenge, so now it’s the $10,000 dollar developer challenge.

Millennial Media is the biggest independent mobile platform in the world, with over 23 billion clicks per month for advertisers like Buick, Honda, Paramount Pictures, Samsung, AT&T and many other top brands. We’re not talking small potatoes, but the thing about Millennial Media is they work with developers still developing in their bedrooms. In fact one such developer lives in Hong Kong and brings in 6 figures a month with Millennials non obtrusive engaging advertisng.

Millennial Media will be the exclusive monetization track sponsor at the upcoming Android Homecoming with a focus on the developer track that we’re calling “From The Bedroom To The Boardroom”.  How many times as a developer have you ever thought man I wish I could quit my job and develop full time, Millennial Media will show you the way. In fact, if you’re interested in talking with someone from Millennial send us  me an email personally at and I’ll get you connected.

In addition to the $5,000 added to the developers pot Millennial and the Android Homecoming are working on even more awesomeness for the Android Homecoming.

Don’t have tickets yet? Go here and get them now!

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