The Incredible Thedroidguy Android Easter Egg Hunt

Starting this morning (as soon as this post goes up) and going until all the prizes are found we are having an awesome Easter egg hunt.  Simply go back through our articles from Today through February 1, 2011 and see if you can find the Easter Eggs hidden within

Every Easter Egg has a prize listed underneath it.
If you are the first person to find that egg here’s what you do:

– Leave a comment on the post saying “I Found The Easter Egg” With your TWITTER NAME.  We will then make sure we are following you and DM you to get your address and contact information.

– Once you’ve found the prize tweet the following message:  “I follow @thedroidguy and I found a [INSERT PRIZE HERE] in Easter Egg Hunt”

– Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping of goods and 2-5 days for emailing of virtual goods should you be the winner of a prize.

– You may only win one prize per household/twitter account and mailing/email address. The prizes are listed below. If you don’t want that prize try to find another

– People posting links on twitter or facebook to pages with prizes they do not want are absolutely disqualified (this is meant to be fun)

– There may be more than 1 of each on the virtual prizes

– Good Luck and Have Fun With This! Happy Easter.

Prize List:

– Motorola Roadster Bluetooth Speaker System
– 1 year Free membership to bitbop app
– 1 ticket to the Android Barbecue
– 3 months free slacker radio (maybe more than one available)
– $20 gift certificate to gelaskins (more than one available)
– 1 Zagg (invisible shield) for Samsung Galaxy Tab
– 1 ZOMM Bluetooth Phone Locator
– $100 Gift Certificate to Gelaskins
– Otterbox Commuter Series Case for MyTouch 4G
– 1 Zagg Sparq 2 back up charger (6000mah)
– 1 TechnoCell Battery Booster (3 available)

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