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T-Mobile Tweets: G2X Gingerbread Update Coming “Soon” You won’t have to wait long

You may remember last year LG came under fire when asked about an update path for their current Android devices. In response they told their customers that every Android device they release will receive at least one Android update if not more.

We were in New York and LA this past week for the big T-Mobile release parties. One of the phones we were celebrating at the New York party was the highly regarded LG G2X. The G2X, T-Mobile’s first dual core phone, is fast, and furious and should have probably been released with Gingerbread on board, however this phone was in the works for a while.

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Well have no worries as the tweet discovered by our good friend Dave, at Tmonews, T-Mobile is updating the G2X to Gingerbread Soon and even backed “soon” up with “you won’t have to wait long”. So all in all I’d say it’s pretty safe to guess it’s coming in the “coming weeks” hold onto your hats as soon as we know more we will let you know.

Source: Tmonews

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