T-Mobile- G-Slate $100 Off For Early Sign Ups

It looks like T-Mobile’s secret offer for the G-Slate is out. If you remember, T-Mobile was offering $100 off the G-Slate on a two year contract for those that signed up. Well, it looks like they have added a small stipulation which is that the G-Slate has to be ordered before April 27th and this offer is open to just about everyone.

You can cash in on this offer by calling T-Mobile’s 1-800 number, selecting option 3, and also mentioning the reference number you see in the screen shot.

Now like I said above this was supposed to be a “secret offer”, but as you can see it is being blasted from Twitter to Facebook and everywhere in between.

Now make sure you hurry if you plan on picking yourself up a G-Slate since this is a limited time offer and ends on the 27th.