T-Mobile Business As Usual Means Awesome Bi-Coastal Parties

One thing we’ve come to know over the years as mobile tech journalists as that T-Mobile throws some awesome parties. Despite the fact that T-Mobile’s future is uncertain tonight that tradition continued.

Although the Samsung Sidekick 4G, The LG T-Mobile G2x and the T-Mobile G-Slate all came out to retail today, T-Mobile still saw it fitting to throw two big bashes tonight, one in New York and the other in LA.

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Thedroidguy was on hand for the New York event celebrating the release of the LG G2X and The LG G-Slate with Google, while our West Coast Editor, Brent Fishman, was on hand in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of the Sidekick 4G.

The New York party had a beach theme with beach balls everywhere, sand, sand sculptures, a motorcycle picture stand, and even massages. Dev & The Cataracts performed live while DJ Chachi spun the tunes.  There were also several focused booths to try out T-Mobiles newest technologies including an Nvidia powered gaming booth. There was also an entertainment focused booth and another booth promoting the new VOIP Facebook integration service that T-Mobile is calling “Bob Sled”

In addition to thedroidguy some of your other favorite Android and mobile site editors were in attendance including Phil from Android Central, Eric from Phonescoop, John from Phone Arena and Todd and The Boy Genius from the Boy Genius Report. Also in attendance at the New York event was T-Mobile spokeswoman Carly known for her “I’m a T-Mobile…” commercials.

The Magenta Carper at T-Mobile's LA launch of the Sidekick 4G photo: B.Fishman TDG

On the other side of the country Brent, our West Coast editor rubbed shoulders with rapper Romeo, as folks tried out the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.  Upon entering the west coast party every attendee received a bracelet that had been embedded with their Twitter handle and Facebook usernames.  Attendees were encouraged to wave their bracelets around at each “station” they stopped at to “Like” it on Facebook and tweet it so it would show up on the events Twitter Wall.

One of the most popular attractions at the LA event were motorcycles set up to hook your phone up to and a monitor where you could see what was faster your current phones network or the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.

The mood was festive on both sides of the country and mum was the word about the pending AT&T /T-Mobile merger. Most T-Mobile staffers did reiterate that it’s business as usual until the merger is approved, in fact one T-Mobile rep at the New York event said they still have more exciting devices coming down the line, of course the HTC Sensation is one of those.

A delectable assortment of tasty treats were available at both events including of course Sushi.