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Sony Xperia Play Delayed Due To Tsunami

As reports started rolling in after the recent Japanese earthquake we were relieved to hear back from Sony that most of their Japanese work force was safe and their mobile plants weren’t in any jeopardy. While this remains true, what we’ve come to find is that the suppliers Sony counts on for a number of components in mobile phones suffered worse than they did.

These recent supply chain interruptions were expected and of course we are hopeful that only equipment and production were affected and not lives.

Sony is now reporting that due to the supply chain interruptions many of it’s Sony Xperia devices, that were not shipped to distribution channels before the earthquake, have been interrupted.  The Sony Xperia Play was released in the UK on April 1st and only about half of the expected units actually made it out to retail locations.

In the US we were expecting a Sony Xperia Play announcement by the end of March, and it seems that for now that announcement has been delayed indefinitely.

Sony Ericsson CEO Bert Nordberg had vowed to take the US more seriously this year and so far, except when things have been out of his control like earthquakes and Tsunami’s, he has lived up to that.  We got to try out the Sony Xperia Arc at CTIA and have been informed it’s still on track for a summer release.

Sony Ericsson is currently making an assessment of all their devices that they have on their road map and is prepared to make a more in-depth statement about how their supply chain was affected and a revised timeline during their quarterly results call scheduled for April 19th.


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