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Sony Honeycomb Tablet Coming This Summer

It seems that Sony will be joining the tablet craze this year with a Honeycomb tablet. Rumors have been churning for awhile now in regards to a possible Sony tablet coming to the table. Sony has already combined their PlayStation Suite with Android in the form of the Xperia Play, and from the looks of it tablets could be next on their list.

According to Bloomberg, Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer announced that Sony would be introducing a tablet by the end of the summer and that it would be running Android’s latest OS Honeycomb. Following that news report from Bloomberg, Engadget stumbled across a report from a Japanese publication AV Watch which cited another Sony spokesperson that also said that a tablet would be coming out this year and details would be announced at a later time.

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At CES, Sony Deputy President, Kunimasa Suzuki, had made a statement regarding taking number 2 in the tablet market by 2012. Along with a statement from Stringer saying that Sony plans to deliver a full-fledged entertainment platform with their tablet, and that they are working very hard with television and film studios to create content specifically for the tablet.

Sony’s Honeycomb tablet is rumored, right now, to be called the S1 and could be sporting a 9.4″ screen, besides that not much more is known except that we should be seeing this new Android device late this year. We will be following this news closely and will pass it on as soon as we have more.



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