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Smartphones Clouding The Line Between Work & Play

Motorola Mobility released the results of a study yesterday on the habits of smartphone users. The study of smartphone users revealed, what we probably already knew, and that is Smartphones are making it difficult for American’s to disconnect.

Although none of this probably comes as a surprise to anyone reading, actually seeing it in a commissioned study is eye opening.¬† Motorola’s study revealed that 14% of American’s have responded to a work email in bed (huh you’re not supposed to)?

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30% of Americans have used their phone to respond to an email, text or play a game while they are supposed to be paying attention in a meeting.

15% of American’s have accidentally emailed or texted a personal note to a professional acquaintance meant for the wrong recipient (blasted contact lists)

The last one was that 20% of American’s use their mobile phone for business after hours while drinking. We are going to have to agree with the phone doctor Eric Zeman, that this number seems low in fact we were doing it just last night with a bunch of people.

Samsung released a much more revealing study back in August that showed that 72% of American’s talk on the phone while going to the bathroom, 16% have used their phones at a funeral, and 10% while having sex.

It’s clear that Smartphones are changing lives.

Source: Motorola via Information Week and TDG

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