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Semantic Seed: LA Start Up Camp 2011 (Gaming & Mobile Edition)

This past weekend I was at Semantic Seed’s La Start Up Camp for gaming and mobile edition. What it is, is a team oriented event in which different people bring ideas and then the ideas are voted upon and the top ideas are then made over the next 54 hours. At lest they are tried to be made. This event their where a total of four teams vying to be the winner. This years event was run by Toby Morning and Tai Greene.

The winner and best idea that was made into a final product was Confidox a website for lawyers to find viable employees without having to use man hours that could be spent else where.

Confidox is the most efficient and secure way for legal talent to connect with employers

Out of all the presentations theirs was well above all the others with origination as well as a finished product. While not a true mobile/gaming application they did incorporate Tropo’s API to make it so when you receive a message on the site it can then let you know via a SMS or Email about it.

This whole event was a great way of now only building your personal idea of an application but also meeting new people who might be able to help you in ways you may not have been able to in past or bring new ideas to the table. While some ideas like Confidox worked out by the time limit others sadly did not, and/or where not even mobile ideas at all. Some groups that had multiple ideas actually put those all together and made it into just one idea and ran with it.

As someone who took part in this weekend I can hopefully pass on some words of advice for future participants(hopefully I’ll go back with a better team this time). Rest up before you go, because you’ll not sleep at all during the weekend. Also make sure to go with a team that can fulfill your idea and not leave you at the finish line wishing you had more time or more people to help you. I for one can’t thank Toby or Tai enough for not only giving me the opportunity to go to it, but also putting this together. This weekend besides being based on putting together an idea also was a great building block in group bonding and working in a group in which you’ve never meet the other people before. While their was one company who stuck to them selves for the idea most others had new people they’ve never meet before join their team. For all the people that showed and participated it was great meeting you all.

Website: LA Start Up Camp

Pictures: Semantic Seed Facebook Page

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