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Samsung Nexus S with AT&T-compatable radio shows up in online catalog

We all have heard of the Nexus S made by Samsung for Google, right? Well, who here has heard of the Samsung Nexus S i9020T with GSM bands 850/1900? Well, it seems that one such device does exist.

This particular device has shown up online at Negri Electronics, in both colors black and white and unlocked for almost $600. What we have yet to find out is whether this is a Nexus S with specified AT&T bands or if it is an unlocked device from over seas some where. At this point no one seems to know exactly where this device popped up from, but more than likely we will find out eventually.

If interested you can go purchase this unlocked Samsung Nexus S online from Negri Electronics for $599.


Android Central

Negri Electronics

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