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Samsung Nexus S, All But Official

Samsung’s Nexus S made its debut on T-Mobile’s network at the end of last year. Since then we have been patiently awaiting its arrival on AT&T and our patience may be paying off.

According to Samsung’s website the Nexus S (GT-I9020A, different from T-Mobile’s GT-I9020T), has all but been officially confirmed. The Nexus S with Gingerbread is listed as headed to AT&T, however we still have yet to hear about pricing or availability. Hopefully, we will see the Nexus S announced sooner rather than later, with the amount of phones coming out, the Nexus S could be dead in the water even before launch. So let’s hope that with in the next couple weeks we will hear some official information regarding pricing and availability.

As soon as we hear more regarding the Nexus S we will pass it on to all you loyal readers!!!


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