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Samsung Mobile Slips, But Not Too Much, In Q1 2011

The first quarter numbers are in for the largest Android manufacturer in the world Samsung Mobile.  First the good news. Samsung Mobile shpped 70 million handsets last quarter which was up from 64 million handsets, the same quarter in 2010. Despite selling 6 million more handsets this year than last year, analyst Strategic Analytics released figures yesterday that suggested Samsung’s market share went from 22-20%.

Samsung’s overall telecommunications business saw a profit of $1.34 billion dollars and maintained a margin of 13.5 percent.

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Samsung is optimistic about the second quarter. They are reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S II is going to be sold by 140 carriers in 120 countries world wide.  The Samsung Galaxy S II has seen rave reviews from such staunch Apple supporting websites as Engadget in recent days. Samsung will also release the Galaxy Tab 10.1 during the quarter and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 later this summer.

Samsung has released a portable 4G mifi hotspot on Verizon Wireless however their flagship 4G/LTE Android phone dubbed the “Droid Charge” was delayed after a mysterious nationwide outage on Wednesday with no re-ramp date for the Charge.

Samsung Mobile releases their quarterly numbers as part of the entire companies reports.  Company wide the television arm of Samsung saw another weak quarter and the microprocessor arm is dealing with a soft market. It’s clear that the telecommunications business again floated the entire company.

When Samsung released their Q4 numbers for 2010 that issued guidance that indicated the telecommunications business, which umbrellas both mobile phones and networking components, would carry most of the company for most of the year.

Source: Mobile Business Briefing

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