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Samsung Galaxy S II Rooted Before You Can Buy It

Before the Samsung Galaxy S II has even been released it has already been rooted. Thanks to Chainfire who used his magical rooting powers we are sure to see a new and interesting development when it comes to a device not even released yet. While this is not a traditional root it is still a big step in the dev community.

The kernel that Chainfire cooked up gave many issues, but is still a great feat for a device that isn’t even released as of yet. This CF-Root is more than likely built off an earlier rom for the Galaxy S II, and at the moment the XWKDD kernel is in “insecure mode”, which means adb root commands along with adb shell are going to be needed.

Once the shell is grabbed the user will be able to remount, system read, write, push, superuser commands, and what ever else might be handy in your trusty toolbox. Chainfire has provided users the XWKDD kernel along with the new Odin. And if you don’t know what all this means its okay. It just simple means that we are on the way to being able to have complete and open freedom on a device that is not even available yet.

If you would like more information regarding what Chainfire has been up to you can head over to the XDA forums and check out the thread for full details on root for the Samsung Galaxy S II.


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