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Samsung Galaxy Prevail On Boost Mobile Epitomizes The Greatness Of Android

I’ll bet you clicked on this link to see this story thinking I’ve totally lost it… Well I haven’t and stand by the headline. “The Samsung Galaxy Prevail On Boost Mobile Epitomizes The Greatness of Android”.

Let’s Begin…
The week before CTIA we were invited by our good friends at Samsung Mobile to get out of the cold and see something hot that Samsung and Boost Mobile were cooking up.  I know what you’re thinking, Boost Mobile, yup Boost Mobile.  We quickly secured a couple other meetings in New York and cost justified the trip to a cool little spot in Hell’s Kitchen (hot right?).

Read more have I totally lost my mind

We weren’t thinking we would see the astronomical turn out Samsung had for the Galaxy Tab launch or Motorola had for the Droid X party, but heck we knew up front it was Boost Mobile.  Normally an hour before an event the line would go back a block or so with media. By 5:30, for a 5:45 doors, there were four of us inline, TDG, Electonista and Johnny V from Phone Arena.

Once inside someone asked if we were live blogging and although we didn’t plan on it at first we went ahead and did it.  That’s when the thinking started.  There was a brief presentation and a lot of talk about off-contract plan pricing and shrinkage.  But as the press started talking we dealt with the real fact that in the day in age of Droid Bionics, Samsung Charge’s, LG G2X’s, Samsung Galaxy S 2s, and HTC Thunderbolts, how can we give the Samsung Prevail justice.  After all these folks from Boost and Samsung had us into the city for a nice little party.

That’s when it dawned on me. Every survey, every detail, every piece of data on Android goes back to one thing, more devices = more activations = more users = more adds.

The great thing about Android is there are no boundaries. As Andy Rubin confirmed just the other day, Android is still open-source, Android is still free.  TDG could go whip up an Android phone and if we adhered to the guidelines set forth by the folks at Google and the Open Handset Alliance, we could even get access to Google Apps “GApps” and the Android Market.

Android doesn’t require proprietary hardware like a Blackberry or iPhone does. In fact there are over 190 “Android” devices in the world. Android devices are offered for every demographic on the planet. Pre Paid, Post Paid, enterprise, even wi-fi only, no matter what your preference Android has it.

That’s what makes the Samsung Prevail so great. It gives the strong, loyal, targeted customer base of Boost Mobile the opportunity to have a great device. Sure it’s a mid-range Android device to us, the enthusiast community, but for Joe Smith who wants total control of their spending, it’s a high end Android device.

With it’s 3.2 inch display, it’s lightweight and “cute”. It even has a dedicated camera button, Android 2.2 and a battery that’s lasted a day and a half now.

So Android Spec Snobs, before you turn your nose up, remember if Android was just targeting us, there wouldn’t be 350,000 activations per day.

As for the Prevail, we’ll be back next week to let you know how 1 week with the Samsung Prevail is going, and so far after three days, it’s going pretty well.

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