Samsung Fights Back In Apple Patent Dispute Citing Tethering/Data Sync

In a bold move saying there , take that Steve Jobs, Samsung has filed lawsuits in Seoul, Tokyo and Germany against Apple for patent infringement. Last week Apple went Android hungry suing Samsung, and HTC citing they were copying the design of the iPhone and iPad.

Although Apple relies on Samsung, the largest manufacturer in the world of chips that hold data, for their iPhone and iPad devices, the legal mess between the two companies has grown larger. Earlier this year when Steve Jobs officially announced the iPad 2 he told everyone that this year was the year of the copycat.

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Ten patent violations are in question in the lawsuits that Samsung filed against Apple. In Seoul (home to Samsung) the company is citing five patent violations. In Tokyo there are two patents at stake and in Germany there are three.

“Apple infringed Samsung patents related to communication standards and a technology that connects mobile phones to personal computers for wireless data transfers, James Chung, a Seoul-based spokesman for Samsung, said by telephone told Bloomberg.

While Samsung is alleging Apple is violating patents on tethering and data sync, Apple contends that Samsung is violating seven patents regarding gesturing, and pinching and zooming.

There has been no official word on Apple’s relationship with Samsung as far as chips are concerned, however  Chang Sea Jin, a business professor at the National University of Singapore told Bloomberg:

“Apple may try to diversify their suppliers and reduce their reliance on Samsung,” said Chang. “But no other company has as low costs as Samsung, so Apple won’t likely drop Samsung altogether.


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