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Samsung Droid Charge Rooted Discovered By The Amazing Justin Case

One of our favorite hackers, rommers, modders and security finders, Justin Case, over at Android Police has discovered that the Samsung Droid Charge is not rootable via Z4Root or SuperOneClick however he has discovered that it’s fully rootable via Gingerbreak.  In his post over at Android Police he gives step by step instructions on how to root the Samsung Droid Charge, that is supposed to be released any minute now.

Case as you may or may not know helped tip the Thunderbolt’s rooting before you could buy it and discovered some of the worst Malware Android has seen to date, so when Justin reports on something over at Android Police you can count on it’s validity.  Momentarily we will link you to his story over at AP and just know that we, nor they are responsible if you brick or otherwise hurt your phone. Please read at your own risk.

Source: Android Police

Image: Obviously

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