Roku Offering Rock Solid Customer Service

The set top media box business is heating up. We’ve got Google TV’s Logitech Review, The Boxee Box and The Roku.  The Roku has been on the market for three years, and James who wrote into the received a hand me down Roku box from his father when he upgraded.

James already had a PS3 that he used to stream Netflix to his main TV, so he decided to be the sweet son and hooked up the Roku box on his mothers TV so that she can see her Netflix movies. However when he went to set it up it just scanned and scanned and couldn’t find a network.

James told the consumerist that although it was a longshot he had a chat conversation with a Roku customer service. After going through some of the notions to try  and trouble shoot the Roku box the customer service agent shipped him a brand new one.  Again, the box is three years old.

Way to go Roku

source: The consumerist

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