Reports Suggest Samsung To Release 2GHz Dual-Core Powered Devices By Next Year

In a world where we are just beginning to see 1ghz dual-core processors being released, leave it to Samsung to announce their plan for 2GHz dual-core processors in the next year. Yes, you read correctly, 2GHz dual-core processors in smartphones by the end of 2012. These type of advancements in smartphones can have some very positive effects, but also have very negative ones as well.

Reports are suggesting that Samsung is planning on manufacturing and selling these CPUs within the next year, so that leads us to believe that Samsung won’t be the only provider of such speedy devices. Whether or not Samsung will follow through with these processors being ready within the next year, however, is still to be determined. I would love to these these processors within a year, but who knows how long it could take to get them ready.

While these CPUs would mean extremely fast devices, if not managed correctly it could also mean drastically decreased battery life, which is something we are trying to move away from as of late. There have been talks of next-gen Samsung processors and screens which are much more energy-efficient, therefore being relatively easy on the battery, but we really won’t know for sure until we see these bad boys in action. We are sure to hear more in the coming months, so stay tuned for more information.

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