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Prepaid Androids Available at U.S Cellular Starting Tomorrow

How does a prepaid Android phone with cheap plans sound? If it is something you have been looking for you are in luck. U.S Cellular will start offering such devices and plans starting April 15th (and yes that is tomorrow).

U.S. Cellular will be offering both the LG Optimus U and the LG Apex as their prepaid Android phones. The Optimus U features a 3.2mp camera, Android OS 2.2, 3.2″ display, and 140 MB of storage. The LG Apex runs on Android 2.1, features a 3mp camera, 3.2″ screen, and has 256 MB or Storage. Both these phones will run between $200 and $250 and you will have the choice of several different plan options. Not to bad for prepaid devices.

The Prepaid Plans include:

  • $70-Unlimited Talk & Text with 2GB of data
  • $60-450 mins, unlimited text, and 2GB of data
  • $50-Unlimited Talk & Text
  • $50-2GB of data

Overall, U.S. Cellular is making the choices pretty nice and are not requiring a data plan like many companies have when purchasing an Android device. So how many of you plan on jumping on this deal tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.



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