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Pandora & Other Apps Being Investigated Over Privacy Concerns

Say you go into the Android Market and you are getting ready to download an app, do you ever take the time to see what the app can access in your phone? If you have you more than likely have seen that some apps can access your personal information, and while some of these apps are legit, there are those that aren’t as we have seen just recently. Apps that collect users’ information without their knowledge may not be anything new, but very seldom does the Federal Grand Jury start an investigation pertaining to it, however exactly that has happened.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Federal Prosecutors in New Jersey are launching a probe to determine whether or not smartphone apps have been collecting personal information without the users consent or knowledge. Pandora and one independent developer have came forward and saying that they have received subpoenas, however, Pandora believes that this investigation is an industry wide probe and that they have been informed that it is “not a specific target of the investigation.

It is also rumored that Apple and Google both have been asked to provide information, not just on apps, but also on app developers that are in question. However, neither company has commented on that subject publicly as of yet.

While Federal criminal probes into online privacy violations are rare, legal experts are saying that this investigation is important and could result in criminal charges for several companies, and while this investigation could go on for months their may not be any charges in the end.

This investigation will probably take an amount of time and as more information becomes available we will be sure to keep you updated.



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