Panasonic Looking To Put Android In De Plane De Plane

Although Panasonic hasn’t introduced an Android handset, last year at IFA a spokesperson confirmed to thedroidguy that they did have plans to get involved with the Android Operating System. Apparently what they had in mind was an Android upgrade to their line of airline inflight entertainment systems.

Panasonic’s most recent inflight entertainment system, dubbed “Merge” included USB charging ports in addition to ways to catch inflight video entertainment like pre-recorded re-runs of your favorite hit programs and movies.  Now their new eX3 in flight entertainment system will take that to a whole new level by incorporating the wonders of Android.

Panasonic is planning on offering a dual screen inflight system through seat back monitors and a smaller handheld device.  The inflight controller is said to have a capacitive touch screen and possibly even 3D.  eX3 will give the user access to inflight movies, music videos, the web, social media, games and possibly video conferencing.

Panasonic is also going to offer it’s Panasonic app store via the eX3 system.

source: Engadget via ZDnet

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