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OFFICIAL Verizon Delaying Samsung Droid Charge Because Of 4G Outage

Verizon Wireless has just sent an email to corporate store managers confirming that the Samsung Droid Charge will be delayed tomorrow due to Verizon’s 4G LTE issues. As we reported yesterday, Verizon’s 4G/LTE network went down nationwide yesterday, and Thunderbolt users were stuck with just 1x, meaning there were some seriously slow loading times on the first phone able to handle the power of 4G.

Evidently, Verizon doesn’t want these same issues with the newest member of the DROID lineup, because that wouldn’t be very “does” now would it? Verizon hasn’t really said anything on their issue besides the fact that they are trying to fix it. The Samsung Droid Charge was supposed to be released on Thursday, but if Verizon can’t get their 4G up and running why would they launch their second 4G phone.

The Droid Charge will be a 4.3 inch screen 4G device, so it will be similar to the Thunderbolt, but there have been reports of slightly better battery life, so 4G/LTE may not be such a battery drainer after all.

Verizon Wirless Spokesperson Brenda Raney, confirmed to Thedroidguy earlier today that activations of 4G/LTE devices are temporarily suspended until these issues are resolved. Raney went on to tell Thedroidguy that Verizon Wireless has found the route of the problem and their engineers are working with their vendor partners to get the 4G/LTE network back up as quick as possible.

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