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OfferedApp: Paid Apps For Free & Paying Developers in Full

I recently had the website OfferedApp brought to my attention. After speaking to co-founders Greg Schwartz, David Weinberg and Aaron Weitzman, I was thoroughly impressed with what they are doing. We all want to get apps for free, and this is a service that OfferedApp is providing with a different approach so that Android Developers are still getting paid.

This website had a beta launch in January and already have 15,000 email subscribers. They will be publicly launching Today, April 26th. What makes them different is that when you sign-up, you are notified by email of the free app for your platform for that day. When you go to the site and fill out a survey, then the app is sent to your phone for free.

Most people I know are already using the Amazon App Store, so I’m sure you are thinking that you really don’t need another way to get free apps. What makes OfferedApp different? That is a very simple question to answer. When you use the Amazon App Store to receive the free app of the day, they only pay the developer 20% of their full revenue for the app. OfferedApp is using this survey to pay the developer the full revenue for the app that you are getting for free.

After the public launch we will be showcasing a full review of the website, but for today we’ll give you just a brief rundown. You will sign up with an email address, phone number, device type and IMEI/IMSI number (For Validation that Some Apps Require) for your phone. Only problem is that you have to validate each phone with the survey in order for the developer to get paid for each download. Then you will be logged in and ready to start receiving your free app alerts.

This site is not a flash enabled site so even if you are running an older phone you can still take full advantage of the features. This is a great app for developers and has some awesome titles to offer everyday. There are some pros and cons to this website which will be looked at more in depth in the full review, but there are two very obvious ones. First, you don’t have a simple app on your phone to click on (even though there is a daily email sent to you), and the biggest pro for me is that you get free apps as a consumer but the developer is still getting fully paid so everyone wins!

Click Here, check it out and let us know what you think! And be looking for a full in depth review this week!

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