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Nook Color Owners Get Major Update With Tablet Like Features

Ok it may be safe to assume that many people purchased the Barnes & Noble Nook Color to do what it was intended for, and that of course is to read books. Of course we all know that many other people purchased the Barnes and Noble Nook Color to take advantage of the fact that there was a sub $300 Android tablet hidden under the Nook Color’s beautiful e-reader screen.

It didn’t take long for developers to root the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and immediately start running ROMs on it that made it look, act and function just like an Android tablet, most comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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Well Barnes & Noble has now added more tablet functionality to the Nook Color. Although they haven’t opened the Nook Color up wide open as an Android tablet this upgrade is significant.  They upgraded the Nook Color to Android 2.2, Froyo. They’ve also curated about 125 apps from the Android market including such popular titles as Angry Birds and Pulse News Reader. They’ve also added an email application that can be used over wi-fi.

Barnes & Noble has also added Adobe Flash components to the web web browser, 225 digital books and 150 digital magazines which are flash enabled and also enabled Adobe air.

A few weeks ago Barnes & Noble also opened up their software developer kit in hopes of attracting Android developers to build upon the Nooks designed framework.

Barnes & Noble will most likely never open up Android’s full potential. Doing so would put competitive apps like the Kindle and Kobo apps on their own branded devices. Barnes & Noble has definitely made a step in the right direction embracing more of the Android goodness that lays in the guts of the Nook Color.

Source: ZD Net via Venture Beat

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