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No iPhone 5 This Summer? Android Poised For Another Scorching Summer

For those of you that pay strict attention to only Android news, you may not know Jim Dalrymple.  Dalrymple and his blog “The Loop” (as in infinite loop in Cupertino, CA) is usually dead on and accurate in his reporting. Dalrymple is an Apple and iOS reporter. A lot of Apple Fan Boys disagree with Dalrymple simply because they rather not hear what Dalrymple is saying.

What’s this have to do with Android? Well The Loop is reporting that there will be no hardware launch at WWDC in San Francisco this year.  For those of you again only into Android news, WWDC is the World Wide Developer’s Conference for Apple developers and it’s held in June in San Fancisco.  For the past few years the WWDC has been the venue for announcements about new and exciting iPhones (Jump for joy right.. meh).

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Back on March 28th Apple reported that WWDC would focus strictly on OS, Mac OS and IOS. As of late Dalrymple has had more sources confirm to him that there will be no hardware launch at WWDC, instead they will switch the iPhone 5 announcement to September to drive the fourth quarter and holiday season even further.

Gartner Analyst Michael Gartenberg told The Loop “You get caught up in patterns, and it holds true, until it doesn’t,” and continued “There is no reason for Apple to follow a predictable yearly pattern, and it keeps their competition off guard a little bit.”

This sets the pace for Android to have a spectacular summer.  Before September Verizon Wireless customers should have not 1 but 4 4G/LTE Android devices in the HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Charge, Droid Bionic and LG Revolution, not to mention anything else that gets announced before then.  Verizon is also expected to have made the upgrade for current Xoom customers from 3g to 4G and there have also been reports that Verizon will offer a 4G/LTE 16gb Xoom.

AT&T, who also carries Apple products, still has the Samsung Galaxy S II, The Samsung Infuse 4G, and the LG 4G Android phone.  There is also wide speculation that AT&T will have their own version of both the HTC Flyer and the LG G-Slate.  Finally from the rumor mill, it was reported that AT&T may also see a tablet style dock for the Atrix 4G.

Now although Dalrymple rarely gets it wrong, he could have this one wrong and we may see an iPhone 5 this summer, but from what we can tell it’s not likely.  As we get closer to the June WWDC you should reflect back at the last two years and how many leaks, pics, planned leaks, wild photos etc there were for the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 prior to WWDC and then you’ll also see that we are over due on those if iPhone 5 is in fact launching in June.

source: we used two stories from the Loop on this #1 and #2

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