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NetFlix working on Moto Xoom- No April fools no joke inside

No this isn’t an Aprils Fools joke but something real. Earlier today while messing with the Xoom to see what it can do I decided to play around with some remote desktop clients seeing how big the Xoom was. I then got it into my head why not try NetFlix so I did and it worked. As of now the video is choppy(May be my own internet connection). But It works completely with video and sound.

Instructions After the break

I did this on a Windows 7 so yours may be different.

  • Download Remote Desktop from the Android market
  • Fully set that up so you can control your home computer
  • I used Chrome, but launch NetFlix(Has a Chrome App)
  • Sit back and enjoy watching

How to set up computer first:

  • Start>Control Panel>System and Security>System>Remote Settings(On left side)
  • Where it says “Remote Desktop” choice either the bottom one or the one above. The middle one is for if you plan on accessing it while not on same Wi-Fi connection as computer.

How to set up Remote Desktop via Wi-Fi:

  • On home computer to get your IP address which will be the address on app you go Start>CMD(Type that in and press enter)
  • Type ipconfig(You take your IP address which is the IPv4 Address
  • Input that as the Address in the app
  • Put your user name/password you have for computer
  • Connect

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