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Netflix Finally Coming To Android Via The LG Revolution

Android users have been waiting for the ability to watch Netflix instant streaming on their devices for awhile now.However, due to DRM issues that Netflix has been working on we have yet to see an official Netflix application. However, we have seen Netflix running on the Motorola Xoom, along with a hack here or there that might get it running on your Android device. Overall, many users have been left waiting in the dark, but thankfully it looks like the wait might finally be over.

Thanks to a member over at the Android Central Forums, we now have conformation regarding Netflix running on the upcoming LG Revolution.

While we are still in the dark regarding the release date of the Revolution, at least now we see that Netflix will be on the device, along with the fact its “Coming Soon”, which of course is not much help, but better than nothing.

There is still one little question that has been lurking in the back of many peoples’ minds, and that is whether this is a Verizon deal or will we be seeing Netflix on other carriers Android Devices? While this question is still unanswered at the moment we are hoping for the later, and as soon as there is more information we will be sure to share it.

Here is hoping for Netflix on all future Android Devices!


Android Central

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