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My Xoom makes phone calls, does yours? Thanks to NetTalk it can

Ladies and gentlemen I’ll like to say goodbye to my phone. That is because NetTalk makes it so I can make phone calls on my Xoom. The fine folks over at XDA have been able to pull the APK off their phone and post it on the site for Xoom owners to download. As of now incoming calls don’t work sadly. However if you are needing to or wanting to call out you are able to.

So calls being made as of now can be made via either 3G or Wi-Fi. One of the issues we(Made a call to TheDroidGuy) is on his end was an echo. However once I put in a wired headset it all went away. Reports from XDA are that users are having issues with using it with a Bluetooth headset.

On NetTalk’s website it says that for Android phones it currently doesn’t work on CDMA devices however with the Moto Xoom being 3G(Using it on 3G not Wi-Fi) It worked fine without any issues.

I’ve reached out to NetTalk as to when we can see about receiving phone calls and they said it was in the near future however they couldn’t give me any dates.

If and when they can make it so the Android version can receive calls like most other people I’ll only be having a tablet, as their will be no need for phone calls any more.

The interesting part of this is how Google could have included something like this into GTalk like it does with via the web. Have users sign up to data only plans and be able to make tablet calls(???).  I know me personally found my self using my phone less and less, with this it’ll be even less.

So do your self a favor. Make sure you are on a unlimited data plan and head over to the link below to pick up the APK and then enjoy making your first tablet call 🙂




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